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Intro to Polymer Clay Jewelry

About the Class

Learn how to make your own polymer clay jewelry with Jea from Dreaming of Clay! 


In this 3-hour workshop, you will be learning the foundations of polymer clay jewelry. Jea will provide the tools and materials needed for the class that will allow you the opportunity to design your own earrings/accessories and take home  2 to 3 fully-made pieces. Jea will be guiding you in the step-by-step process of how to make beautiful jewelry from clay - from learning the tools of the trade, getting to know about polymer clay, to baking & assembling.


The experience is curated to you and your experience! This clay workshop is perfect for beginners and shows an exclusive sneak peek of how Dreaming of Clay came to be. And now, you can also make your polymer clay dreams come true through this workshop!



Level: Beginner

Price: $60 / student ( 1 person per ticket) 

Duration: 3 hours


About your Instructor

Jea Tang, maker of Dreaming of Clay will be guiding you through the polymer clay jewelry course. She has over 3 years of experience with working with polymer clay and has made over 5000 pieces of clay jewelry.


In her work with Dreaming of Clay, she’s also worked with resin, beads, gold findings, charms, and pearls. From her nursing & simulation background, Jea brings her teaching and facilitation experience into her clay workshops. 

We're so excited to have her in our studio to teach a different type of clay medium! You can follow her on her Instragram (@dreamingofclay) or learn more about her at

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