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Mingo Pottery Studio was founded by Domingo (Mingo) Olavarria in 2018 in the heart of Fort Lauderdale. The studio started out of the love for teaching, learning and want to share ceramics with as many people as possible.  As the studio began to ground its roots, it was soon apparent that the local potters, artists, creatives, and even tourists wanted to be part of something more.


Today, our studio is home to an ever growing clay community that embraces people from all walks of life regardless of their artistic background. Our open concept space allows for the flow of ideas, techniques, story-telling and an overall collective experience. With no partitions, our students and members are able to share their clay journey with each other. It’s common to see our community not only learning from each other but also laughing and sharing memories. Our space cultivates the continuation of learning through what you see, hear, and do!


At Mingo Pottery Studio, your art is what you want it to be. We offer classes, courses, and workshops to begin or further your craft and above all, we offer a clay community you can be a part of. So whether you are looking to learn something new, continue practicing your clay craft or even sink your hands into clay for art therapy, our studio is your space to find that. We have grown into a space with tons to see and do– running courses, hosting art shows and monthly brunches, selling our studio-made products and so much more. 


We invite you to learn more about our community through our site but if you’re in the area, definitely come out and clay!

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