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Potter's Wheel Course

About the Course

Looking for more time to learn and play on the wheel? Check out this Potter’s Wheel course!


This course was specifically designed for those of you who want to take a deeper dive into the pottery wheel. During this 4-week course you will navigate the world of wheel throwing by learning and practicing techniques like centering, shaping, trimming, and glazing. Another important part of this process is also understanding the properties of clay and selecting the right materials for your piece. Each class is designated to cover a specific area of the potter’s wheel and dedicates a full 3 hours of instructor-guided time.


CLASS 1 : Wedging and Centering Clay (3 hrs)

CLASS 2 : Throwing on the Wheel (3 hrs)

CLASS 3 : Trimming and Detaching (3 hrs)

CLASS 4 : Glazing and Deco (3 hrs)


NOTE: PW classes are held on Wednesdays 6-9 PM & Saturdays 10 AM-1 PM

Your creative freedom is important to us and we want you to use it! This course will offer you the opportunity to experiment and play with different shapes, sizes and even styles of pottery to further develop your skills. 

By the end of this course, we not only hope you enjoy the beautiful pieces you created, but we hope you find your place within our clay community. 




  • 24 Hour Studio Access (5 weeks)

    • Additional “grace” week included

  • Class clay

  • Practice clay (25 lbs)

  • Studio tools

  • Studio glazes

  • Firing Fees


Price: $340 / student (1 person per ticket)

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