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Candle Making Class

About the Class

Note: Returning in the Fall of 2023. 


Although pottery makes for amazing mugs and bowls, let’s not forget it can also be used as the perfect vessel for a candle! This class will teach you how to make your very own candle!​

For this class, the pottery vessel that will hold the candle is already created, so you’ll be solely focusing on the creation of your room-filling fragrance. Your instructor will guide you through the process of preparing the wax and incorporating the scent of your choice for your candle. We have an amazing lineup of fragrances at our scent bar and the ingredient for your candle is 100% soy! All materials for candle making are included. Candles usually take about half an hour to cool and ready for use within 2 days. 


Get ready for an easy and exciting experience making your own artisan candle. Or you can even gift this experience to your favorite person!


Level: Beginner

Price: $50 per student (1 person per ticket) 

Duration: 1 hour

DIY Candle Pouring
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