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Hand Building & Sculpting Course

About the Course

If you are looking to learn more about pottery without having to use the wheel, this course might be the right one for you. 

During this
4-week course, you will learn and practice a range of hand-building techniques, such as pinching, coiling, slab building, and sculpting. Each class within the course focuses on a specific area of hand building and sculpting. As we do in all of our classes, one of our instructors will be your guide throughout this course, serving as a mentor through your growth in this process.

CLASS 1 : Armature and Basic Sculpting (3 hrs)
CLASS 2 : Coil Building (3 hrs)
CLASS 3 : Slab Rolling (3 hrs)
CLASS 4 : Glazing and Decoration (3 hrs)

NOTE: HB&S classes are held on Thursdays 6-9 PM
Your creative freedom is important to us and we want you to use it! This course will offer you the opportunity to experiment and play with different shapes, sizes and even styles of pottery to further develop your skills. There are no expectations or assignments of what should be creating, just your imagination.

By the end of this course, we not only hope you enjoy the beautiful pieces you created, but we hope you find your place within our clay community. 

24 Hour Studio Access (5 weeks)
Additional “grace” week included
Class clay
Practice clay (25 lbs)
Studio tools
Studio glazes
Firing Fees

Price: $350 / student (1 person per ticket)

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